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Lip Fillers In Chesterfield

The intention of Chesterfield Aesthetics lip enhancements is to give you the fuller lips you desire. For some individuals with very thin lips, the goal may be to have a more normal appearance. For others, larger, sexier lips are the goal.

And for older patients, the goal is a lip filler augmentation of volume, elimination of lines lifting the corners of the mouth may all be required to restore a youthful mouth appearance.

A variety of dermal filler techniques are available to enhance lips – these will be discussed during your consultation.

Why Enhance Lips?

Lip Fillers Restore Youthful Volume To Lips

Lips lose volume as we age. The skin around the lips also wrinkles and thins. The result is thinner lips with less definition. Radial lines- wrinkles above and below the lips and drooping of the corners of the mouth also occur.

The aim of lip enhancement here is to restore youthful lip volume and improve the wrinkles around the mouth..

Alternatively, many younger women have been born with thinner lips, and here the aim is to enhance the lip size and edge with careful and skilful augmentation.

Each patient is different and will require a different approach to an optimum lip enhancement.

At all times, the aim of lip augmentation is to provide a natural result that fits in with your face. A good lip augmentation looks totally natural.

What to Expect:

Don't expect an immediate transformation; this is a gradual process.

My injectable solution consists of biocompatible, biodegradable FDA-approved Poly-L-lactic acid, a trusted material used by medical professionals for over 30 years.

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